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(Patched) Ghosts: 10th Prestige Glitch Tutorial

Online COD Ghosts Hack

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Credits goes out to ShadowModzHD for recording the footage, check em out:

Jailbreak Required: No
Founder: Unknown
Patched: Working as of 09/02/2014 – February 9th 2014

Requirements: 2 Controllers and Call of Duty: Ghosts
This acts pretty much the same as the old Black Ops 2 master prestige glitch. First thing you have to make sure of is that you have 3 psn accounts. The first account is the account with all your stats and stuff that you want to duplicate to your second account. The second account should have nothing on it as the stats and prestige and level will be replaced with your first account. The third account does not have anything specific as nothing will happen to this account. To start off, log onto your third account, boot up ghosts, then once your in a party simply press X to sign on your second controller. Sign into your second account that you want to have the stats on. Once you have signed in, simply quit the game. Re-launch ghosts still signed into your third account. Once in a party, this time sign into your first account on your second controller, the one with the stats that you want to duplicate. Now simply press circle on your second controller when the profile has loaded. Now sign back into your second account that you want the stats duplicated onto, and it should now say your second account is the same as your first psn account. Now all you have to do to make it stick is simply get a kill then back out of your match.

Hopefully that was a little better explained if you didn’t understand my commentary. If you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe for more modding tutorials. Later doods!

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IMPORTANT, READ PLEASE: Yooo guys! First off telling the haters yessss this is PS3 gameplay. The method I will use it to transfer it onto PS4 is by modding your stats (Unlock all, prestiges, etc) on your PS3 and when that is done you will just log in with that account on your PS4! So no mod menu’s etc yet, but you can now have unlocked all accounts on your PS4, and since there are no modded lobbies on PS4, that is pretty rare :). I’ll try to do these frequently but it is really time consuming so stay with me. P.S. – If you do not want me to get on your account, which I understand, you will need a PS3 as well as a PS4 Ghosts CD because I will have to rank you up on PS3 and you obviously need a PS4 disk to play on PS4. Peace! GET LOTS OF SUBSCRIBERS NOW : GET LOTS OF VIEWS NOW: WANT AMAZING ONLINE GAME SERVERS? REGISTER NOW! :
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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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