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Ghost Recon Online – Hackers using Speedhack & No Clip

Online COD Ghosts Hack

I unluckily joined a game with 2 hackers, so since they ruined the game; i started recording them. The hackers in-game names; Hanc0ck & Scrapdizle9
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FPS {Engine}
Windowed Mode: Runs Combat Arms in Windowed Mode
D3D Chams: A combination of 2 colors drawn onto the players which can be see nthrough walls.
Nx Chams: NX Chams are identical to the effect of the Satellite Scanner.
Crosshair: Draws a Crosshair in the middle of your screen.
No Fog: Removes fog from the map.
Full Bright: Adjusts Gamma settings which makes the textures of the screen much brighter.
Nametags: Shows the names of enemy players.
Lines: Draws a line from your Crosshair to
2D Boxes: Encloses enemy players with a box.
Health Bars: Places a health bar above an Enemy.
Suicide: Kill yourself
Fly: Player can fly whilst holding the spacebar.
Speedhack: Increases the player’s speed.
Bone Node: Changes the bone targeted by the Aimbot: Head, Neck, Torso, Pelvis.
FOV: Limits the FOV of the Aimbot.
Aim key: Assigns a hotkey to toggle your Aimbot with.
Auto Shoot: Automatically shoots at your enemy when your Aimbot locks on them.
Aim Style: Toggle your Aim style: Nearest to you or FOV.
Smooth Aim: Makes the Aimbot appear more human.
NPC Check: Determines wether or not you will aim at NPC’s (Fireteam).
Visible Check: Allows the Aimbot to only target players which are visible
Spawn Check: Checks to see if a player’s spawn shield is down before locking on them.
Bone Node: Allows you to change the bone of which the Ghost Aim will target: Head, Neck, Torso, Pelvis
FOV: Limits the FOV of the Ghost Aim.
No Recoil*: Removes the recoil on all your weapons.
Rapidfire: Increases your weapon’s rate of fire.
Range Hack*: your weapons does not have a range restriction.
Super Bullets*: Allows you to shoot through walls an scenery.
Remote Kill: Invisibly vacuums your enemies’ hitboxes in front of you. Produces the same effect as OPK, but without having an impaired FOV.
RemoteKill Bone Node: Choose the bone for the Remote Kill to target: Head, Neck, Torso, Pelvis.
Voice Spam: A daily dose of aural rape. Remember to take your headset off before using!
Group (Go,go,go): Spams tactical chat
Instant Respawn: Respawn without waiting. You will have a grey nametag.
Chat Spam: Chat spammer (can be changed by going into your combat arms folder and changing the 2 lines at the bottom of the abs.ini file)
Super Suicide (OMA/Arms Race): Kill yourself. Multiple times.
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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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