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COD: Ghosts XIM 4 Gameplay: OMG!!! AIMBOTZ!!!

Online COD Ghosts Hack

Sometimes its great when someone rages at you while your recording…. hahaha

This particular guy in this lobby accuses me of using an aimbot. So what I did the next game… is to piss him off even more. A good helping of kills where from him and his little buddy I muted since his music was blabbering. I bet I set him off too but I am not in the mood to hear his garbage music.

Overall: A decent speed run of Freight which could of been under 1:30 if it was not for the 3 deaths. Hope you guys enjoy.

This will be an ongoing series of the XIM crew playing online with others or against each other. Gameplay is not limited to my own. Gameplay from others will be properly credited by the user who provided the video.

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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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