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COD Ghosts Top 5 Most Underrated Items (TLG Tournament Details Included)

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Learn the Top 5 Most Underrated Items in Call of Duty: Ghosts and also learn about details involving the very first TLG community TOURNAMENT 🙂

Top 5 Most Underrated Items:

#5 = Throwing Knife – This weapon is very underrated for 3 simple reasons. First, it can grab you more kills and a longer life span as a Juggernaut Maniac. Instead of losing health closing the distance between you and your enemy safe health and time by grabbing a kill from a distance. Second, it leaves you less vulnerable once you have run out of ammo. Third, when a enemy surprises you around a corner, use the throwing knife instead of a melee kill because it is quicker and decreases vulnerability time.

#4 = Light Machine Guns (LMG) – These weapons are underrated because most people brush them aside knowing the fact that they make your character slower when the truth is they are extremely effective weapons that include high rates of damage and accuracy. Their biggest attribute is the amount of kills you can get before having to reload.

#3 = Focus Perk – This perk stabilizes your aimer and reduces flinch or kick back when being hit by enemy bullets. The stability can increase effectiveness from medium and long range while the reduced flinch can many times help save your life.

#2 = Blitz (Game Type) – This game type is one of the least played game types in cod ghosts because people don’t give it a chance. It is by far requires the most strategy and teamwork to be effective in. A great example of this is Game 6 of the MLG Columbus 2013 COD Ghosts Tournament with Complexity vs Kaliber.

#1 = Support Kill Streaks – Too many people pass up these kill steaks because they don’t award as many kills to the user. When in fact the reward a large number of kills to your TEAM as a whole. My favorite ones are the AMMO CRATE because players very often run out of ammo. And it also provides a secondary weapon for those who don’t have one equipped. the second one I like is the GROUND JAMMER because it removes annoying enemy devices such as Sentry Guns and I.M.S. The third one I like is the ORACLE SYSTEM because it highlights enemies through walls giving you and your team the jump on your opponent.

TLG Shoutout Of The Week = OUTSTAND14

TLG Tournament : Dec 22nd – 28th
Highest W/L ratio for that week WINS
MUST have a minimum of 40 wins for the week
1st Place –
2nd –
3rd –

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