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COD Ghosts Glitches: NEW* God Mode & Invisibility Glitch!

Online COD Ghosts Hack

COD Ghosts Glitches: NEW* God Mode & Invisibility Glitch!

-Open Me-
In this video we show you how to become invisible and get god mode to survive death barriers and bullets! we hope you enjoyed the video please subscribe for more of these epic glitches!

Text tutorial (PS3/Xbox360):
1. Make sure you are playing search and destroy with multi bomb disabled and at least six default load-out classes
2. Get a trinity rocket/loki/odin
3. Stand close to bomb
4. Take out laptop for killstreak and right before you enter the killstreak walk over bomb
5. You must die
6. If executed with trinity, it will last forever but your screen will be black; If executed with loki/odin you will be able to see but the invisibility/godmode will only last about 60 seconds

Text Tutorial (PS4/Xbox One):
1. Do steps 1 and 2 in the (PS3/Xbox360) tutorial
2. Have a friend pick up the bomb
3. Stand next to your friend
4. Call in killstreak
5. Right before your laptop shows up on your friends screen, he must change teams so that you acquire the bomb
6. You must die
7. Look at step 6. in the (PS3/Xbox360) tutorial to see the difference between the trinity/loki/odin when you get invisibility

Found By:

Song(s) Used:
Spaze – Who You Are

As Always Have Fun Glitching!


Hacking CoD Ghosts: Invisibility and Unlimited Points

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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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