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COD ghosts – cheat accusation episode 34 (1UP4U gameplay) – [Bm8] cc1-the-oldy

Online COD Ghosts Hack

Today’s “hackusator” : [Bm8] cc1-the-oldy (see the description below)
This is a nice guy. He just need to learn that pre-shoot/pre-fire is possible without hack.
As usual, I remind that pre-fire means : shooting before you see the ennemy.
It is possible in COD series.
1) because you don’t have to spare bullets with scavenger or big mag weapons
2) thanks to “amplify” that makes ennemies footsteps louder
3) thanks to “ping” that shows ennemies on the radar
4) with knowledge of the map and the camping spots
5) with knowledge of the players re-spawn system (allows you to guess where and when ennemies with spawn) : press ESC to show the overview map and see where allies are dispatched (it helps you to guess where ennemies should be)

video taken with Nvidia Shadowplay
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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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