Call Of Duty Ghosts Cheats

Call Of Duty Ghosts – Fair Aimbot + FORCE HOST EBOOT Cex/Dex

Online COD Ghosts Hack

Call Of Duty Ghosts - Fair Aimbot + FORCE HOST EBOOT Cex/Dex




– Spawn Solid Models anywhere on the Map also now with a rotation option
– Typewriter function for more professional advertising
– Stack weapon option allowing unlimited guns on any Multiplayer game mode
– Including 0-60 / 0-31 Level Editor on MP and Extinction modes
– “Floating Bodies”, “Promode” and “Scavenger Mode” functions
– New Extinction Teleport Presets! Teleport to specific areas now!
– Change player models from Multiplayer to Extinction game modes
– In-game spoofs from “Kills, Deaths, Score, Current Rank and Prestige
– Enter your own offsets feature (more freedom of Modding)
– Server Info, CBUF and Game Server Commands included”

Also included inside the tool:

– Every single hidden camouflage for all weapons to date (15+)
– Every single clan war patch available for unlock
– All hidden backgrounds to date
– Troll players with “Play Sound Effect”, “Game Volume Editor”, “Remove In-Game Perks” features
– Also make annoying players rage with the new “Screamer” feature
– Another two small features added are the “Blurry Screen” option & “Kick to main menu with personalised message pop-up”

Other options include:

– All Perks after patch, Minigun can also be equipped in-game
– Choose your own custom killstreaks, from assault types which stack up as a support killstreak
– Disco all client name within the game for a funny feature
– Unlock All feature including Unlock All Guns, Soldiers, Classes, Attachments, Lethals, Tacticals at the click of a button!
– New Extinction beta mods (including money, skill points and upgrades) which will also be included and worked on soon
– All Relics On/Off for Extinction Mode
– New Game Volume feature to mess with players in-game volume
– Clean rubble option, to get rid of debris off the map
– Anti Quit, Anti Join, Unlimited Spawn and Timescale
– In-game mods such as; XP Lobby and Jump Height, Walk Speed etc

Name changing functions:

– For the first time ever you can Disco all client names in game
– Moving name, Marquee name, Elite Clan tag color and editor
– Make your own Preset names to save and store for later use
– Preset names of Famous Youtubers, Hackers and funny trolls
– Preset Clan Tags and Elite Clan Tags
– Checkerboard Name / PS3 Symbol Clan tag options
– Multicolored Elite Clan Tags and Preset Elite Clan Tags


Choco – Original RPC
SC58 – Offsets
Enstone – CCAPI [CEX] Support
iMCSx – PS3Lib
Seb5594 – Entites
AlmightySo – Jetpack
ZeiiKeN – G_Giveplayer Weapon


this Tool Have Antiban! Do This For Activate it,and mod safest!
– Enter on Ghosts(From Offline)
– connect And Attach(Cex or Dex),
– Press “Cheat Protection”
– Sing in And Enjoy!!!
– Force Host EBOOT Download is In Ngu Thread linked here!



Online COD Ghosts Hack

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