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Call of Duty Ghosts: BEST USB Modz Download

Online COD Ghosts Hack

Call of Duty Ghosts: BEST USB Modz Download

In this video I show you the best USB Modz on COD Ghosts so far! These modz are really fun to use and don’t take to much effort to do. You can find out more information below.

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What does this gamesave include?:

* Demi-Godmode
* Super sprint
* Unlimited sprint
* Gloss Vision (like the one I had in my MW3 saves)
* FOV mod
* Far Melee
* Ragdoll Jitter
* Low ragdoll gravity
* Low glass-break gravity
* Custom text during gamesave mission load

This mod is for Xbox 360 users only.


ALL CREDIT TO D1G1TAL MoDz for making the menu!

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Password for Download:

More info here:

If you want to see a tutorial leave a comment below and I will make one very soon.

Remember these modz are for campaign only!

If you have any problems comment below.

Don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe.


Why not check it out by clicking the link below?

I would definitely recommend checking it out.



I am a paid endorser of this product


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Call of Duty Ghosts USB Modz
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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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