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Call Of Duty Ghost – Patch Update Notes 11/22/13 (Xbox 360)

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Key Changes

Further spawn logic improvements.
Fixed a spawn exploit where players would always respawn at their team spawn within the first 15 seconds of a game, even if an enemy was nearby.
Increased XP rewards slightly for Operations and early tier weapon challenges.
Added leaderboard for Search and Destroy game mode.
Numerous map exploit fixes in MP and Extinction.
Numerous Anti-Cheat fixes.
Fixed collision bugs on multiple maps.
Infected now has its maximum players increased to 18 players.
Care package stacking exploit fix.
Increased Search and Destroy XP to give 10x XP instead of 5x XP.
Search and Destroy, now has its own online playlist.

Hot Fix: 360 & PS3

Fixed boosting in Search and Rescue when killed by the environment.
Fixed stability issue when using the trophy system, “more than 192 bones” fix.

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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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