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Call Of Duty Ghost Hacks [5$] WallHack-Laser Sight-Smooth Aim [Ps3]

Online COD Ghosts Hack

If you would like this hack you would have to pay 5 dollars. Also you must have a jail broken ps3 for this to work. You can not get any mods without having a jail broken ps3 unless you are in a modded lobby. Also it says smooth aim in the title which there is. I know I did not use it but trust me there is smooth aim. Now I will be telling you how to enable the hacks.

To enable smooth aim press triangle,triangle,square,circle (You do not need to hold all of them at once. Just press them once then it will work. this is for all mods) To enable wallhack press circle,triangle, and x. To enable laser sight press square,x,circle.

Also you get the ripper for free if you don’t have it!
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Online COD Ghosts Hack

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